How to play craps

Learn the Craps Rules – And Get Your Money in the Bank!

craps rules

Learn the Craps Rules – And Get Your Money in the Bank!

If you are one of those people who likes to gamble online, or even if you are just someone who likes to play the occasional game of craps with friends, then you probably already know that the rules of craps are easy enough to understand. But did you also know that there are more than enough rules of craps to keep even the most avid of players busy for hours at a time? Yes, that’s true…and it is because of such reason that even craps aficionados should learn and understand the rules of craps as soon as they can. Here are just some of the reasons why you need to learn the basics of craps before even stepping foot into an actual casino.

Before we start, though, we should mention that it is not only casinos that have craps rules. Most of the time, you can find the same rules in online craps games as well. However, there are some different kinds of bets that you could make, and that will be discussed shortly. But for now, let go over the most basic means of playing the game:

Basically, craps rules are based on chance, and the game proceeds according to the luck of the draw. In the most simple sense, you simply place bets on the result of each roll of the die. When you think you are out of luck (roll that turns up “red” or any other color), you simply stop betting until your next roll. Thus, the more experienced you become to play craps games, the less you will need to rely on luck; and therefore, the more likely you are to win. However, this is not always the case, and one of the biggest rules of casino games is that you simply cannot place bets when you are out of the playing room… unless you want to give up the game and join the waitstaff for another roll.

Once you know the basics of craps games, you may start experimenting with your own strategies, but there is one thing to remember: even if you think you have a great idea, don’t trust it. In most cases, other people will be much more confident than you in your ability to win, so your bluffing strategy may backfire. That said, though, it’s still important to play craps games for the challenge – the experience. You can always come back to these later, after you’ve had plenty of experience with your new strategies.

Once you understand the craps rules, you should know that there are two basic types of betting that can be used in the craps games: blind betting and stop-loss betting. For example, in a blind betting game, you simply wait and see which card goes up. Then, if you guess right (and if no one else does), you’ll cash in the pot – and if not, then you need to wait until the next round to try again.

In a stop-loss betting game, the goal is to hit as many targets (all ones with a face value) with the balls you have in your hand as possible. This means you should use your discretion when choosing your starting hand, though. Some craps players feel it’s OK to start out with a couple of cards in the pocket – and if they get no hits, they won’t be gambling with their life savings. However, most players will want to get as many cards in the pocket as possible before the end of the casino game – because if they miss, they’ll have nothing for the subsequent rounds.